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Your Life. Your Story.

How will you tell it?

Storytelling is the one tool we use every day.  It's what we use to build relationships, get jobs, and fill in awkward silences around the dinner table.

Learning how to tell your story will help you come to understand your life and here at Storyteller you'll find the tools to help you on that journey.

Life is rarely ever easy, but with a bite of perspective it can get a whole lot simpler.



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Book of Riae
Book 1 - Spirit

Coming Soon

R'iq, a young boy from the Wildroots one day discovers that he is a spiritual descendant of the Quriae, a Dalai Lama like figure meant to bring the world to Harmony. The only problem is the last Quriae started a war that has gone on for over 200 years. A war that only ended with his death. Now that the Quriae has returned all sides seek to gain their power.

Coming Soon

Storyteller: A Tool to Help You Figure Out Your Own Gosh Darn Problems

October 10, 2018

Life is hard, but does it need to be so complicated? Here at Storyteller, we say no! That’s why we’ve dedicated our time and energy to creating and sharing different systems and techniques to help you deal with all the chaos life throws your way. Just doing our part to make growing and developing not feel like a chore. “A Tool to Help You Figure Out Your Own Gosh Darn Problems” is an activity book designed for all ages that aim to do just that. Get to know the real you as you create your character and become comfortable with chaos with a little tour of The Tower of Conflict. This book won’t help you solve your problems, but at least now you’ll be able to categorize them into neat little boxes. And when it comes to leveling up in life that’s something we like to call progress. So, if you have an hour to kill and want to gain a little XP in life take this little tutorial to Existence.


Courses Available at Outschool


Foundations of Creative Writing for Kids

A fun interactive class designed for the younger minds that will teach the basics of what it takes to tell a story by having them create their own adventure and going on an adventure through the Tower of Conflict.


What it Takes to be the #1 Hero - My Hero Academia Disscussion Class

A class to share your love for the characters and stories of My Hero Academia, while also looking deeper into lessons that the students of Class 1-A learn throughout their arcs.


An insightful class designed for the younger minds that will teach the basics of what it takes to write a story of all lengths and sizes.


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